A Great New Sample Room

January 26, 2019

Latest company news about A Great New Sample Room

It’s been a year since we moved to the new office, we did many things to make our new working environment better and better, and now, our new sample room is finished!


The sample room have three parts, meeting room, warehouse and display stands.


Meeting room, when customers come our office, they can rest and have a business meeting here. Besides, there is a photo wall that shows our partners, we will be very honored and grateful if you can sign your name here.


Warehouse, our products are packaged and placed there.


Display stands, from our website, you can see many baby products. Baby stroller, baby buggy, baby walker, infant high chair, baby playpen bed, baby tricycle bike, wooden baby cot, baby electric car…and more.


All of these products we have samples, we get samples from our produce department. Then we established our display room.


In the beginning, there were only a few products in the display stands, and time went on, more and more products came to the display.


If you want to learn more about our products, display room is a good place for you.


We are always working to diversify our products and make them better.


If you are interested in our sample room, welcome to visit.