Happy Halloween

November 1, 2018

Latest company news about Happy Halloween

Halloween, also known as All Saints'Day, is a traditional Western Festival on November 1, and October 31 on Halloween Eve is the busiest time of the festival.


At first, Halloween was mainly popular in the English-speaking world, but now, it is also gradually popular in China, and more and more people are welcome.


To celebrate the coming of Halloween, parents and teachers dress up their children as lovely ghosts to participate in various school fun activities, in the mall, merchants will sell a variety of holiday-related gifts, hold Halloween activities.


In our Honest family, we were all actively preparing for the festival, dressed up in various roles, and bought pumpkin lanterns, hats, masks, magic wands to decorate the company, the happiest of which was the little game of "biting the apple" , our sales manager Sherry has won the final victory and got some small gifts prepared beforehand.


Everyone was very happy and had a wonderful evening.