It's So Easy To Take A Baby In This Way

May 3, 2018

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Every one knows it’s a difficult thing to take care of babies, we need to be around them every moment, no time for ourselves, but now, please don’t worry with our new product HN-411 Safety Portable Baby Playpen Bed, release parents’ hands, let baby play with fun by himself, parents can do their own thing on the side, just pay attention on him sometimes is enough. It's very convenient and practical.


1. The most important for baby playpen is firm, our HN-411 has 7 supporting points, thickened alloy steel pipe, very firm and safe, can support an adult of a 65kg easily.


2. Arcuate anti scraping corner, prevent the baby from being injured, detail design to show the high quality.


3. More than 8 functions: Combine with mom’s bed, take care of the baby at night; Playpen function, capacious space for play; Travel cot, it is foldable and portable, save space for travel; Fence model, baby can play alone, won’t fall out; Diaper tray, no bow, change diapers easily; Double layers, can play and sleep in one playpen; Carry cot, easy to carry at anytime; Toy bag, put some toys and foods for baby.


4. As for the material, water, wear & heat resistant oxford cloth, thickened alloy steel pipe, high-strength tensile gauze, single side brake wheel etc. We did all you can think to protect baby.


It's better done than thought. Don't hesitate, contact us right now!