Move To The New Office

November 20, 2017

Latest company news about Move To The New Office

Congratulations on moving our company from Binhu to Xin Yun Tai Ke Chuang garden.


Under the leadership of general manager Wang Shihai,ANHUI HONEST IMP. & EXP. CO.,LTD has achieved rapid development in a few years and achieved increasing capital every year at an astonishing rate. The scale of the company is constantly refreshed. In order to adapt to the momentum of the company's flourishing development, the company's overall competitiveness and staff are enhanced. Cohesion and sense of belonging. Finally, the company decided to move to a new home and was formally settled at the end of last year.


The new office is located on the 3 floor of A building, Xin Yun Tai Ke Chuang garden, Penglai road and Yu Tang Kou road. It has superior geographical environment and traffic advantages. Looking forward to the office scene, the bright green, open and bright studio, the replacement of a new office furniture, all in ANHUI HONEST IMP. & EXP. CO.,LTD - this flourishing enterprise's vitality.